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Very satisfied with the job! The staff are friendly, it's a busy weekend but luckily i managed to walk in without waiting...

Reasonable price. One of the staff (Kaiwen) that took care of my golf mk6 taillight installation been really careful with the panel clips. He didn't force the clips in, but carefully use flashlight to ensure those clips position correctly before pushing it in. 馃憤馃憤馃憤

Was sitting there for 2hrs waiting, and he did a very good job!

Ding Xu
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Added neon lights under dashboard and changed no. plate here. Customers service is not the best over here but the job done are pretty good and the price is so cheap.

Mornesh Karikalan

Cheaper price, many products and fast service. Recommend to others

Mekar Trading & Supplies

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Cheng Lin Chong

Great place to have a new "dress" for your cars... Place a bit messy but the price and material given are great...

Dennis Chew

Good and profesional. Beautiful finishing for the job.


Spoiler axia sangat murah di sini!

E'zzati Jamalulail

Memang bagus ne punya tempat


Good Quality parts, Low Price compared to others, Friendly Staff in the shop!

Sukardi Samsuddin

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